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The bristol emulation currently implements all the following synthesisers. They can run individually or all at once on one or more MIDI channels. The same engine reproduces all the different sounds and caters for all the different modulation capabilities of each original. There are specific differences to the originals that are noted under each page, but generally all the emulations are touch sensitive, for example, something that some of the originals did not do. Exceptions are the organs (Hammond and VOX) as these were generally not touch sensitive as opposed to the synths that did not have such capabilities for technical reasons at the time of their conception. You can also view this as a single page.
Mini Moog Mini
The renound 3 oscillator non-modular synthesiser from Moog, this emulator takes a lot of tweaking to get the same smooth sounds as the original.
Explorer Moog Voyager
The last released Moog synth from the 90's with extra modulation features but still with the same general capabilities having oscillator/filter/envelope routing.
Voyager Moog Voyager Blue Ice
Revamped Voyager with backlit display. Moog synth from the 90's with extra modulation features but still with the same general capabilities having oscillator/filter/envelope routing.
Sonic6 Moog Sonic 6
Portable mono-synth, housed in a suitcase, not an original Moog design but was gratefully adopted and has similarities in capabilities to the later Voyager.
Memory Moog Memory Moog
This included the capabilities of the Mini with addition of microprocessor driven memories and 6 voice polyphony. The oscillators have a more generic waveform and the mod routing is more flexible.
Axxe ARP Axxe
The Axxe and the Odyssey were competitive to diverse Moog synths. The Axxe was somewhat simpler than the Mini.
Odyssey ARP Odyssey
The Axxe and the Odyssey were competitive to diverse Moog synths. The Odyssey was somewhat more flexible than the Mini. It was the first bristol emulation to include arbitrary mod routing.
Arp 2600 ARP 2600
This is one of the greatest synths ever made, the emulation may not do it justice. It is a pre-patched modular synth which means without any cables there is a standard signal flow however everything is repatchable.
Mono Mono
The Korg Mono/Poly is a polyphonic hybrid, korg made a number of similar designs. It has 4 oscillators bug a single set of filters and envelopes and a very basic sequencer/arpeggiator.
Poly Poly
The Korg Poly-6 is similar in build to the Mono/Poly, trading in some flexibility for true 6 voice polyphony. Competed in the same marketspace as the Juno-6, also emulated by bristol.
Korg MS-20 Korg MS-20
Unfinished emulation of the Korg repatchable synth. Currently only the GUI is finalised.
Korg Poly-800 Korg Poly-800
Early Korg digitally controlled polyphonic synthesiser - multiple envelopes, single filter hybrid as were many of the Korg designs.
Prophet-5 Prophet-5
One of the first true polyphonics, a 5 voice analogue unit.
Prophet-10 Prophet-10
The bigger brother to the Sequential Circuits Pro-5, a 10 voice dual manual monster synth, each keyboard can be a separate synth, the two keyboards can be layered on top of each other or can be played with 10 voice polyphony.
Prophet-52 Prophet-52
This is a hybrid of the Prophet-5 adding a stereo flanger to expand the sound dimensions and is specific to bristol, ie, it was not actually produced by sequential circuits.
Prophet-1 Prophet-1
The monophonic low end of the Prophet range, a fat bass synth priced to compete where the bigger polyphonic siblings could not. This emulation introduced some new filters into the bristol emulations to give a convincing reproduction.
Oberheims 5 voice competition to the SC Prophet-5, similar to the Oberheim fully modular systems where each voice had its own control panel, however here every voice has the same set of parameters.
This is basically two OB-X systems in a single case. Competed against the Prophet-10 but supports splits and layers using a single keyboard rather than two manuals.
Hammond Module Hammond Organ Module (deprecated, use -b3)
Hammond B3 Hammond B3
This is a tonewheel organ emulator. It can produce all 90 something wheels simultaneously, then each key taps off the required harmonics allowing for some emulated features difficult to reproduce without a bespoke design like bristol.
A british classic organ from the 60's.
VOX 300 Vox
The dual manual Vox Continental 300/SuperContinental/Continental M-II. The emulation is closest to the 300, with extra harmonics and addtional percussives on the upper manual.
Rhodes Rhodes Stage 73
This emulation of the Stage-73 actually uses the FM emulator.
Rhodes Bass Rhodes Bass Piano
This is just another GUI to the Rhodes, is was easy to put together. The original used metal hammers to sharpen the signal, not well emulated here.
DX-7 DX FM Synthesiser
This is a full FM synth but takes a few exceptions to the 'DX' specification. It implements 6 FM operators but takes slightly different parameterisation.
Juno Juno-6
The Roland equivalent to the Korg Poly-6. As an exception to the original design this does not have an arpegiator, none of the other emulations do.
Jupiter Jupiter-8
The Jupiter series were the bigger brothers of the Juno. This emulation support 8 voices with split and layer facilities, arpeggiation, sequencing and chording, all emulated here.
Solina ARP Solina String Machine
The revered ARP string machine.
Crumar Roadrunner Crumar Roadrunner Electric Piano
Definitive cheasy 80's electric piano.
Crumar Bit-1 Crumar Bit-1
Late 6 voice, split/layered synth.
Crumar Bit-99 Crumar Bit-99
Late 6 voice, split/layered synth.
Crumar Bit-100 Crumar Bit-100
Late 6 voice, split/layered synth with bristol modifications.
Crumar Stratus Crumar Stratus
Synth/Organ combo, the design used an organ divider circuit with a set of 6 synth voicing chips for the combined duo setup.
Crumar Trilogy Crumar Trilogy
Synth/Organ/String combo, the design used an organ divider circuit with a set of 6 synth voicing chips and additional dividers for a strings section for the combined trio setup.
Realistic MG-1 ConcertMate Realistic MG-1 ConcertMate
The Realistic/Radio Shack/Tandy MG-1 ConcertMate 'by Moog Music'. Monophonic synth with neopolyphonic organ circuit.
Synthi AKs Synthi Aks
Unfinished Synthi Aks, most operators work, and the patchboard does, however the filter and reverb need some reworks as do the layered GUI devices.

All names and trademarks are property of their respective owners. Bristol is not associated with any of the above companies, none of the bristol emulations is stated to be a true likeness of the original instrument, and none of the original manufacturers in any way endorse this application. Many, if not most, of the above companies have their own emulation products that may be a better likeness of their own original instruments, and interested users are advised to also visit the respective companies websites for further information on available emulations.
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