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There are always on-going developments, these are another couple of synthesisers and a continued work on a real-time mixing desk. Additionally work is under way to provide sound samples from each of the emulated synths as a part of the extensions to the website, and around all of this there are general developments for usability features covering different levels of MIDI control of the GUI and engine and to provide more keyboard accelerators for the graphical interface.

Aks Synthi Aks
This is an EMS design and the units are still in production although only on demand, I think. The company also has their own software emulator. The device has three oscillators and a fine resonating filter that operates as a fourth pure sinewave source at full emphasis. Emulation of this resonating filter is not finished and the code will not be available until then.

ms-20 MS-20
This needs little introduction, and Korg already have a very respectable emulator for this synthesiser. The bristol version is far from finished, currently only having the half finalised graphics. The final release actually depends on the Aks filters as they had similar qualities (albeit the Korg sounded perhaps a little harsher).

BassMaker BassMaker Step Seqeuencer
The bristol BassMaker is a 16 step 4 page sequencer, a bespoke design but based on the features of the early analogue sequencers such at the SQ-10.

Mixer Real Time Mixing Desk
This is an on-going effort, the graphics, menus and memories are finalised but the actual mixing operation is constantly delayed for new synthesiser algorithms. The eventual release will look a bit different, the VU meters are likely to be dropped in preference for a pair of joysticks to control track positioning.

Granular Granular Synthesiser
This is a sound granulator, not really an emulator but an investigative piece.

cs80 Yamaha CS-80
The last big analogue synthesiser from Yamaha.

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