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Thanks to Dave Robillard for compilation clean up and 64bit compatability.

Thanks to Mike Taht for GUI code clean up and more 64bit compatability.

Vasiliy Basic contributed his Mini Moog memory banks and they are likely to be incorporated into the 0.20.5 distribution. If you want them now you can down load this mini.tar.bz2 file and follow the instructions in the readme file when unpacked. They will work with pretty much any release even prior to being in 0.20.5. The contents are:


      50 - Trumpet
      51 - Cello
      52 - Guitar 1
      53 - Guitar 2
      54 - Fingered Bass
      55 - Picked Bass
      56 - Harmonica
      57 - Accordion
      58 - Tango Accordion
      59 - Super Accordion
      60 - Piano
      61 - Dark Organ
      62 - Flute
      63 - Music Box
      64 - Glass Xylo
      65 - Glass Pad
      66 - Acid Bass

      67 - Bass Drum 1
      68 - Bass Drum 2
      69 - Bass Drum 3
      70 - Bass Drum 4
      71 - Tom
      72 - Snare 1
      73 - Snare 2
      74 - Snare 3
      75 - Snare 4
      76 - Cl HH 1
      77 - Op HH 1
      78 - Crash Cym 1
      79 - Crash Cym 2
      80 - Cl HH 2
      81 - Op HH 2

      82 - Sea Shore
      83 - Helicopter 1
      84 - Helicopter 2
      85 - Bird Tweet
      86 - Birds Tweet

Thanks to Alexis Bailler for the gentoo packaging and the associated resolution to a few outstanding issues with the GNU autotools build processes.

Andrew Coughlan put in some time to build a Jens Johannson sound using the Polysix emulation, highlighting a few bugs in the emulator that were resolved and the memory was then submitted into the release in the memory 22. He also donated memory 23 for the same emulator, samples sounds available from the Poly-6 page and then continued with the whole bank 20

Andrew Coughlan also made the original proposal to emulate a Commodore C64 6581 SID chip and use it as the basis for a softsynth emulator. This resulted in a very interesting project that lead on to the -sid synth.

Colin Fletcher has been an ongoing source of bug reports in various emulators and submitting fixes back into the codestream. The latest, that have yet to be integrated (0.30.8) are some long required optimisations for the filter algorithm factoring out many of the divisions and providing a fast tanh() polynomial estimator. These enhancements will be integrated into a present release with some additional optimisations for higher sample rates.

Bristol would like to thank the team at Blue Synths for being the only evident source of information and for providing details of the Baumann BME-700 and providing guidelines on its build and sound (review available at .

David Horvath is developing a parent GUI to configure and launch all the different emulators, written in mono. The application can be found on sourceforge with a search for monoBristol or by visit to MonoBristol and there will probably be a lot of developments going into the interface.

The author is happy to accept soundbanks, fixes, requests, release packaging, window manager integration, etc.

Bristol is in no way associated with the original manufacturer, neither do they endorse this product.

Bristol is free software. Bristol carries no logo.

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